• Yes! Older children are more than welcome! Depending on how many children you want to bring though, you may need an extra set of hands to help…reach out if you’re unsure.

  • Additional people - Due to the short nature of the sessions, if you wish to bring more than 4 people in total, you may need to pay an additional fee as additional time may need to be allocated to ensure the smooth running of the session.

  • Bath photos are NOT compulsory! I wanted to centre these sessions around the bath as it’s not something everyone can capture in their own homes, but if you’re not keen that’s 100% fine too.

  • What do I wear?! As little, or as much as you like. When I say ‘intimate’ I mean the feeling these images invoke, the closeness, the bond - not necessarily the clothing you wear. However, if you are getting in the bath, nude or swimwear, lacey robes or dresses, something soft and neutral always works best.

  • Can we get both bath and dry shots? We sure can try, as your session is only 40 minutes long we will have to prioritise one or the other, but we can aim to get a few of both for sure.


I am so glad you are here. I can’t wait to meet you.