“When one teaches, two learn.”

I am a visual learner, I love getting my hands dirty and trying as I go - over the course of my career I have had many photographers ask me to show them how I run my business, what I look for when taking images and how I edit.

It took me a long time to process the fact that people wanted to learn from me, that people looked up to me and my art - but now I have changed my perspective and I see it as an opportunity for mutual learning, when I teach it is not just you who learns…I learn too.



Inviting Intimacy Workshop for Photographers

This workshop is all about the client/photographer relationship and delves deep into my philosophy on navigating the road of providing a service over a product.

If you want to create portraits of your clients that ooze connection and intimacy, then this is the workshop for you. The end result of your photograph begins here - it begins with you and how you put yourself forward to your clients.


This workshop goes for 3 hours and includes a live shoot & edit of one of my Intimate Mother Mini Sessions.

The workshop is held at a private space in Newtown, Sydney.


When I started editing in Lightroom I searched high and low for presets that fit the images I envisaged in my mind - my photographs were falling short of this vision and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Along this journey, I found some beautiful presets that helped me to refine my ‘style’, Keziah Kelsey’s The BabyRose Presets being my absolute favourite.

From here, I was able to nail down what it was that I really wanted from my images, over time I began to create my own presets to suit my shooting environments and style, and now I am making them available for you!

These presets are all I use now, on all of my motherhood and birth sessions right through to documentary shoots in the bush and beach - there is a preset for every situation. They centre on deep tones and vary from dark shadows to light and airy mattes.


Golden - a warm edit w/matte blacks

Velvet-B&w - a smooth black n white conversion

Dark glow - a warm edit with deep shadows

aRCTIC - a cool & clean edit

INCANDESCENCE - A warm edit w/high luminosity for skin tones

GRIT - b&w - a heavy grainy edit with high luminosity

air - a soft clean & matte edit - perfect for in-home lifestyle sessions