“When one teaches, two learn.”

I am a visual learner, I love getting my hands dirty and trying as I go - over the course of my career I have had many photographers ask me to show them how I run my business, what I look for when taking images and how I edit.

It took me a long time to process the fact that people wanted to learn from me, that people looked up to me and my art - but now I have changed my perspective and I see it as an opportunity for mutual learning, when I teach it is not just you who learns…I learn too.



Inviting Intimacy Workshop for Photographers

This workshop is all about the client/photographer relationship and delves deep into my philosophy on navigating the road of providing a service over a product.

If you want to create portraits of your clients that ooze connection and intimacy, then this is the workshop for you. The end result of your photograph begins here - it begins with you and how you put yourself forward to your clients.

This workshop is fluid and is led by conversation on the day, but the things you can expect to learn are:

  • How to run successful mini sessions

  • The importance of building trust and forging honest relationships with your clients

  • My philosophy on social media and how I use it to my advantage

  • Introduction to my editing workflow

In addition to all of this you will receive a large learning resource which you can refer back to, containing all of the knowledge discussed on the day, and more. You will also receive 3 of my presets; Black and White Velvet, Incandescence and Dark Glow.

This workshop goes for 3 hours and includes a live shoot & edit of one of my Intimate Mother Mini Sessions.
The best bit? Any images you take during the workshop can be used for your portfolio!

The workshop is held at a private space in Newtown, Sydney.



When I started editing in Lightroom I searched high and low for presets that fit the images I envisaged in my mind - my photographs were falling short of this vision and I couldn’t put my finger on why. Along this journey, I found some beautiful presets that helped me to refine my ‘style’, Keziah Kelsey’s The BabyRose Presets being my absolute favourite.

From here, I was able to nail down what it was that I really wanted from my images, over time I began to create my own presets to suit my shooting environments and style, and now I am making them available for you!

I have THREE preset collections for sale, all of them serving a very different purpose with distinct styles ranging from crisp and clean to deep and moody.

“The Touch” Preset Collection

My baby, my inaugural preset collection - this collection contains a wide variety of editing styles with 5 colour presets and 2 black and white presets.

“Umbra” Birth Preset Collection

I don’t want to pick favourites…but if I had to 'Umbra’ would be it. Deep shadows, dark blacks, crisp edges…beautiful emotive edits with cool and warm options, 6 colour presets and 1 black and white.

“Flawless” Birth Preset Collection

Flawless is my clean preset collection, sometimes birth imagery calls for a more crisp and ‘as shot’ edit and these presets fit that bill. This collection contains 7 colour presets and 1 black and white.